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At the MINISCO™ Center of Orthopedics we provide high quality orthopedic surgical services which adhere to contemporary technological developments. We focus on the Individual and our aim is to ensure the best possible treatment in order for our patients to be able to return to their favorite activities as soon as possible.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Konstantinos Intzoglou


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Christina A.
I would like to express my gratitude towards orthopedic surgeon Konstantinos Intzoglou. During the month of June 2015, I was suffering from excruciating knee pain. I chose to trust Konstantinos Intzoglou after friends and colleagues recommended him as the befitting doctor...
Akis S.
Football player
On 23/04/2017, during a football match, I was injured and diagnosed with a total anterior cruciate ligament tear and a torn meniscus. At the time, I was going through a health issue that no athlete ever wants to experience, and I was left heartbroken...
Thrasivoulos F.
On 4/11/2016, I sustained an injury in the area near my ankle. After the completion of the necessary medical examinations, I was diagnosed with a fracture of the lateral malleolus. After further examination, as well as X-rays, I was diagnosed with partial tear of certain ligaments of the ankle...
Mervan D.
Football player
In September 2014, during a five-a-side weekend match, I was unlucky enough to experience firsthand how it feels to sustain one of the most severe and common injuries amongst athletes, a cruciate ligament tear. Under these unfortunate circumstances, I was lucky enough to be acquainted with a brilliant doctor...
Eirini P.
Computer programmer
In July 2016, I hit and injured my left leg and I was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament and a torn meniscus. This injury affected me on multiple levels, physically because of the severe pain, as well as psychologically...
Manos D.
I had the pleasure of working with orthopedic surgeon Mr. Konstantinos Intzoglou during the game season of 2012-2013, when he was the medical assistant of the Apollon Smyrni F.C. basketball team, which was under my jurisdiction...
Stavros M.
On the 4th of December 2016, during the second day of the Greek National Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship, my expectations were running high and I was hoping I would win a metal in this year’s championship. During the semi-finals, I sustained an injury to the arm while performing an Armbar...
Vaggelis K.
Football player
As an active football player, I feel the need to express my gratitude towards my doctor Konstantinos Intzoglou, who is a very kind person and a brilliant doctor. Mr. Intzoglou was there for me the very moment I needed him, both as a doctor and as a friend...

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