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NAVISUPERPATH : SuperPath with simultaneously use of a mini-navigation system. The revolution in Hip Arthritis

On Friday 28th February 2020, the 10th Orthopedic Department of Metropolitan General performed the SuperPath Hip Arthroplasty –for Hip Arthritis- combined with portable digital navigation system. The SuperPath approach was first performed in 2007 at the U.S.A. Combination of the SuperPath with navigation systems was till recently impossible. For the first time in the world dr. Intzoglou and his team combined the SuperPath with a portable navigation system (Journal of Orthopaedic and Trauma Care 2(1), June 22, 2020, p.1-4).

WHAT IS HIP ARTHRITIS? Hip arthroplasty is considered as one of the most successful orthopaedic procedures, by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). After all, the significant progress achieved over the past 50 years, both in the surgical techniques and in the technology used, has vastly increased the success rates. The AAOS data for its member countries shows that total hip replacements increased by 35% over the 2000-2013 period, and over 300,000 procedures are performed in the United States each year.

WHAT IS THE SUPERPATH AND IN WHICH CASES IS IT USED? SuperPath has firstly been used in 2007 in the U.S.A. for primary or secondary hip arthritis. SuperPath is a minimally invasive hip procedure and is the only Arthroplasty that does not dislocate the hip joint during the surgery!


  1. The SuperPath has a unique characteristic: the surgeon never gets to see the lesser trochanter , a traditional surgical spot/step used in every other hip procedure. Use of the computer-assisted mini-navigation system and a c-arm (x-ray during the procedure) has fundamentally solve this and all arthroplasty components (acetabular cup, femoral head and polyethylene linear) are placed in excellent position/angles, a perquisite in order for the Arthroplasty to last a lot of years. Also, this way wear of the prosthesis is reduced to the minimum and the hip joint regains full range of motion!
  2. Reduced visibility of the acetabulum during its reaming, due to the proximal femur which gets in the visual field. Use of the computer-assisted mini-navigation system combined with the SuperPath approach (Journal of Orthopaedic and Trauma Care 2(1), June 22, 2020, p.1-4) – which was firstly introduced and achieved globally by Dr. Intzoglou Kostas, Chief of Orthopaedics- solves this and increases the success rates of an already successful approach. This way the acetabular component can be perfectly placed as far as inclination and anteversion is concerned. Given the fact that the femur anteversion is always perfect with the SuperPath, the combined anteversion that can be achieved is always perfect!

It is easily understood that use of current and modern technology in the form of the computer-assisted mini-navigation system makes an already excellent hip approach (SuperPath) even better ( NAVI-SuperPath ). This combination ( NAVISuperPath ) provides us better and reproducible results, thus reducing wear of the Arthroplasty, increasing the joint’s range of motion, the longevity of the Arthroplasty and of course giving back lost quality of life to our patients! Excellent results and happier patients is this way guaranteed!

WHEN IS IT APPLIED? Not all patients with hip pain are suitable candidates for arthroplasty, namely, the replacement of the worn joint with an artificial one, which will mimic its physical movement. The orthopaedic surgeon shall examine all parameters before proposing the surgical option - age, activity level, history, chronic diseases, are just a few of the factors which are taken into account. The SuperPath is proposed to patients who cannot tolerate any more pain, loss of joint function, use of crutches etc. The SuperPath can give back lost quality of life to all patients who suffer from Hip Arthritis (primary or secondary). Combined use of the SuperPath along with the computer-assisted mini-navigation system is proposed in every candidate-hip arthritis patient because it provides better accuracy, reproducibility, excellent placement of all components, and all these documented to a postsurgery report by the navigation system! The NAVISuperPath is the future of hip Arthroplasty and has finally come in the present! Enjoy it!

Here you can also see the corresponding article on the official NAVISWISS website.
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