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A major part in the physical preparation of athletes that is frequently ignored, is their periodical preventive screening, not only for the improvement of the athlete’s performance, but mainly in order to promptly detect complications that occur as a result of rigorous and intense training. Ideally, those who participate in sports on a professional or non-professional level, must undergo thorough medical examination before the start and at the end of their preparation stage, as well as during and at the end of the sports season– the same, if not as frequent screening is also necessary in individuals who exercise frequently.

Preventive medical screenings of athletes include general clinical examinations, spirometry, musculoskeletal examinations and joint mobility tests, pelmatography, cardiac evaluation, blood and biochemistry blood tests, and body composition evaluation (lipometry).


For an orthopedic evaluation, the complete medical history of the individual is necessary since it can provide insight into recent injuries or discomforts as well as underlying medical conditions. Consequently, medical tests will provide answers concerning the elasticity, range of motion and reflexes of the individual.

Ultimately, the orthopedic evaluation consists of an extensive motor system examination, the recognition of anatomic differences, an examination of the elasticity and the range of motion of the joints (spinal cord, knees, hip bones, shoulders, ankles), the calculation of muscle strength and the motor control evaluation of upper and lower limbs, as well as a recording of somatometric characteristics. In addition, and if deemed necessary by the orthopedist, a pelmatography device will be used to disclose potential problems that could exert asymmetric forces on the body frame during walking or standing.

A preventive screening provides a clear picture of the individual’s physical condition, but it can also be used as a way to determine external factors that affect athletes, as well as grant them customized guidelines.

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