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It is one of the essential substances of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Collagen production declines and weakens over time, due to inflammations, injuries, arthritis and musculoskeletal syndromes. Collagen, however, in addition to being the “glue that holds the body together” is also the essence of one of the advanced injectable treatments used in orthopaedic surgery, so that the affected area can be treated, without any side effects.

Injectable collagen treatments have been widely used in plastic surgery, but studies have now shown that they can also help restore and repair orthopaedic conditions - they are especially recommended for neck pain, shoulder arthritis and chronic knee, elbow and back pains. They are also thought to be helpful for the rapid restoration of areas suffering from strains, tendinitises and sports injuries. The goal is to strengthen the affected area, so that recovery can be accelerated, in the same manner collagen works, when it is not, of course, degraded and weakened.

The number of injections depends on the severity and chronicity of the problem; 3-10 sessions, which take place at the orthopaedic clinic, may be required, usually within a week. Depending on the area, a different type of preparation is injected into the subcutaneous tissue - ingestion of collagen does not help, as it disintegrated by the gastric acids and loses its properties.
The injection procedure is not painful. It has no side effects, and can be combined with other conventional treatments (medication, physiotherapy).

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