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MODERN ORTHOPEDIC TRENDS IN KNEE ARTHROPLASTY The application of Modern technologies in orthopedics has led to revolutionary treatments that were in the past deemed formidable. For orthopedic patients with severe knee injuries, a new remedy was highly anticipated. In the past, numerous joint tears in conjunction with major cartilage deficits in young patients were untreatable. Nowadays, modern orthopedic technologies and the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center of Orthopedics (MINISCO™) provide an alternative solution to affected patients, as well as the possibility to return to their daily activities.

WHEN TO OPT FOR A SOPHISTICATED SURGERY Sophisticated surgical procedures are considered necessary in cases of simultaneous anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments tears, simultaneous posterior cruciate and lateral collateral ligaments tears, simultaneous postero-lateral and postero-medial corners tears, in addition to major cartilage deficits or removed meniscus (incidental to a severe meniscal injury that went surgically untreated or more frequently, to a past subtotal meniscectomy).

WHAT IS THE BIOKNEE? At the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center of Orthopedics (MINISCO™), modern and substantiated medical techniques are applied to difficult medical cases. In particular terms, arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments or the lateral collateral ligament is applied to treat corresponding knee injuries. Somatometric reference values of patients (height, weight etc.) are taken into consideration for the right graft choice of the correlated injury. In cases major cartilage deficits, and in accordance to their size, cartilage regeneration by means of several surgical techniques (one or two-stage techniques) is implemented. The selected technique may vary and is determined by the patient’s age, knee joint anatomy, subsequent concomitant injuries, size and depth of the damaged cartilage by the ICRS knee evaluation score etc. Finally, in the absence of a large part of meniscus, considering the patient’s concomitant health issues, a meniscal transplant surgery can be performed. In most instances, meniscal transplant surgery is an arthroscopic procedure, but there are cases were surgical incisions across the knee are necessary. The above surgical techniques can be incorporated with autologous stem cell injections, which allow stem cells to mature into different cell types (e.g. cartilage cells) in the right chemical environment. To conclude, in an effort to restore knee function of –mostly– young patients suffering with multiple tears, without resorting to total knee arthroplasty, the BioKnee is the contemporary alternative offered by current orthopedics.

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